Mastering Meeting and Event Registration

A RSVP registration process back in the good old days.

A RSVP registration process back in the good old days.

We all know there is an endless list of things to consider when planning meetings and organizing events, from the venue selection to the content to the brand of soda served. One critically important but often overlooked element is event registration. Too many event organizers underestimate the importance of the event registration process, and they don’t understand how a poor registration experience can negatively impact everything that follows.

“Registering is frequently the first experience the attendee will have, and it sets the overall tone for the rest of event,” says Erin Thompson, a longtime veteran of the meeting planning industry. When organizations fail to pay close attention to the event registration process, they may leave attendees with a bad taste in their mouth about the entire event and the business behind it. At Grand Connection we know that the best way to drive attendance is to simplify the event registration process.

We live in a world where brand is king. So why shouldn’t event registration take place on a branded website? The process should be as seamless and secure as possible with one-stop shopping for all the event’s needs. Attendees shouldn’t be redirected to a third-party website. Studies have shown that redirects make people more likely to opt out of making a purchase.

However, an event registration website is just a start. We have been in the event registration business for 20 years and we understand better than anyone that all modern, fancy, technological solutions have to be accompanied by a skilled meeting planner to manage the process. When technology is combined with a seasoned support team, the real magic happens.

For example, our event registration technology can transform into an event companion app and provide the attendees with personal registration information, push notifications, access to relevant social media channels, and other useful functionality. We can also take advantage of barcodes/QR codes for attendee badge printing as part of the event registration process, and track participation to generate valuable insights to drive engagement and sales.

Our event registration solutions support everything from small meetings to large conferences. We can be an extension of event teams at companies and organizations of all sizes, corporate and non-profit. We would love for you to contact us to learn more about our services. We will not only create a beautiful branded website for your meeting or event but also supply you with the skilled staff to manage the entire process for you. We know what’s necessary to leave a positive, lasting impression and make attendees want to come back.