It’s Never to Late

A new year and a new round of resolutions. Surely some of the classic resolutions will be popular again this year: to lose weight, get fit, save money, or kick a bad habit. However, there is a new resolution that is gaining popularity: sustainability.

Just recently the federal government issued a report that climate change is real, and we are running out of time to reverse its effects. Now more than ever it is important for everyone, including companies and corporations, to make conscious changes to their lifestyle for the betterment of the planet. Our clients have likewise sought to implement more eco-friendly strategies for day to day business activities to large events.

There are lots of ways to shrink your carbon footprint. Here are a few examples of green initiatives clients may be interested in implementing at their next event:

Zero Waste – okay, no one is expecting absolute zero, but the idea behind zero waste is to attempt to create as little waste as possible. Of course, some waste is perfectly eco-friendly, such as food waste and completely biodegradable products; however, making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste an event produces is a great way to go green.

Eco-Friendly Transportation – for years curving the environmental harm of vehicles has been a major focus in green initiatives. One great way to limit the carbon footprint of an event is to provide eco-friendly transportation to guests. Grand Connection has long-standing relationships with the busing communities of West Michigan as they are a convenient, efficient, and a green means of transportation for our client’s guests around the event and host cities. 

Working with Eco-Friendly Companies – you won’t be the only company going green this year. Chances are many of the companies that help make your event so amazing will also be making efforts to become more ecofriendly. Partnering with companies that are making efforts to be greener can provide your event with the tools it needs to reduce its carbon footprint as well as provide ideas for your company to continue its green initiatives.

Going Digital – It seems like there is a new app or technology to improve your business created every day, some of these are great while others are flops. Some of these advances can play a huge role in creating a more sustainable company or event. We do not argue here that all meetings and events should be digital (we will discuss why face to face interactions are vital in a later post), however, strategic use of technology can improve efficiency as well as create less waste and a greener event.

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Going green is an important goal to have not just for every individual but also for companies and their events. Grand Connection has the expertise and experience to provide the most up-to-date strategies for event management, including sustainable initiatives. How are you going green this year?

Grand Connection